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Misunderstanding can be turned around with relationship Healing. When you feel stuck there may be a new solution. Relationship Healing helps you to better understand and support both self and other in Santa Cruz, SF Bay Area and virtual sessions to the w

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Laurie Moore - 2nd Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Published on Nov 9, 2013 Also see Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, PhD offers human sessions and readings as well as animal readings in person, by phone, and by Skype. Books are here: | She has have offered to give free gift mini readings (human or animal ) up to 250 people during October 2013-October 2015 to open new perspectives. About 100 slots left as of November 2013. to reserve your gift slot. From Dr. Laurie Moore: We think the world exists in frozen ways. "She is kind. The teacher is the real deal. Today is warm. My husband is the best." However, everything is changing. Your motives, your teacher's motives, your loved one's motives are all in flux. The only opportunity you have is to return to the essence of peace now, and to make your choices within the contexts in which you are operating now. All our attempts to sum up spirituality into concepts are false safety, ways to feel secure, and ideas with which to label our identities. These will all dissipate a moment later. I was an activist from age 7 on. With surging love in my heart, I set up social change and social service movements at school, and learning programs in the neighborhood. I appeared on the capitol steps with a petition to ban aerosols presented to Congress Man Gilbert Gude at age 14 with my friend, Jennifer. Deep inside I vacillated between a longing for Heaven on Earth and a steeping into this complete love. When I was 40, I was still immersed in numerous ways to assist humans in upliftment by opening new doors of communication within self and with other. That year, I made a spontaneous prayer to life...or rather a prayer beyond any choice surged through my heart, soul, and bones: "Please take me back to Heaven on Earth consistently!" Soon my beloved cat's body was taken by coyotes. When he reincarnated to my amazement, taking me into spaceless, timeless oneness with all life I was humbled. Awakening after awakening became my norm. Soon I was leading Satsang seminars all over Hawaii, USA and sometimes in other countries. During this period I met Gangaji and re-united with Sh. Ahmed whose generous outpourings surged through my work, grounded in the love and wisdom of my beloved feline Guru Jessie and my beautiful Buddha-like mate Ray. Divine Mother was with me constantly, nudging and cleansing me. Currently I am examining the reality of multiple contexts in which we live, looking at moment to moment choices we make about maintaining, nurturing, or dissolving personal and societal contexts. I continue my work as a licensed therapist (LMFT), certified hypnotherapist (CHT) , human reader, and certified animal communication specialist. I also spend hours in uproarious laughter with friends, human and animal. Having taught in Europe, around the USA, and all over Hawaii Islands, reaching people of many backgrounds after growing up in the Washington D.C. area and spending my twenties living in a variety of organic, spiritual, alternative, cooperative, farm communities with high ideals, I have worked with people from many walks of life. We all have the same heart at core. We all struggle with the difference between spiritual concepts and day to day life! It has been delightful and fun to appear in hundreds of venues as Universal Love and Animal Communication Satsang Leader, and a multiple species and dimensions communication teacher. I was founder of The Miracle Ground later known as The Love Climate from 2005-2011. I now work solo with a very small and trusted team of behind the scene helpers. My grassroots TV show, Universal Love and Animal Communication, shown on approximately 20 community channels across the USA, thanks to the generosity of seminar attendees and readers will resume in 2014. Here are some of the places I have been blessed to speak or teach at: Graduate and undergraduate expressive arts teacher at San Francisco State University, Johnson State College, and Chico State University. Gave keynote speeches for The Santa Cruz Sentinel Women in Business Expo and America Singles. Taught or gave talks interviews at Conscious Living Expo in L.A., Mt. Madonna, Eselan, Buddha at the GasPump, Fox News Live, Jazz up Your Life with Judy, O'Reilly Factor, NBC, Intuitive Soul, In the Company of Angels, Seeing Beyond, KRON News Weekend, Redbook, Braco America LiveStream Interviews, Science and Non Duality Conference USA 2013, Your LifeStyle Evolution, Reader's Digest, Discovery, The Connection, Species Link, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, The Good Times, Pathways, Joe Franklin, The Frankie Boyer Show, and numerous other venues. To see me for a human or animal session, contact me at I have offered to give free gift mini readings (human or animal ) up to 250 people during 2013-2015 to open new perspectives. | Experience Satsang with an animal communication specialist and spiritual teacher who brings unconditional love, laughter, guidance and joy with the heart of the Divine Mother and manifestation tools | Animal and Pet Psychic SF Bay Area

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